Saturday, 29 June 2013

Acting Opportunities coming your way, Soon Grab it



This is a big bonanza to the people who are more interested in acting and who have goals and dreams on acting. Now this is an opportunity in a way to those people from Famous film distributors 'Vintage Creations.' They have forayed into production and are getting ready to produce a movie. The film will be made with all new actors, and they are going to select 25 actors and 15 technicians for the movie.

Those who are selected in the auditions will be trained in acting and direction departments from famous 'Roshan Taneja school of acting' and the film will be made with them. Famous actors like Aamir Khan, Abhisekh Bachchan, and Rani Mukherjee etc. were trained from Roshan Taneja school of acting.
Krishna Mohan, a trainer in the direction department from Roshan Taneja school of acting and Baig, a trainer in acting, and Vintage Creations firm chairman Sivaram Devarapalli have arranged a press meet in A TV office.
Krishna Mohan has thanked Sivaram Devarapalli for giving chance to the students, who will be trained in their school. Baig has said that their school has provided many artists and technicians, from Jaya Bachchan to Abhisekh Bachchan to the industry since 1963. He also said that the actors and technicians trained from their school are in good positions in Tollywood now.
Sivaram Devarapalli said that they are very happy to enter production, after being in distribution field for a few years and thanked Krishna Mohan and Baig for co-operating with them.

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