Monday, 1 July 2013

Mohan Babu family Escaped From Risk In Sea

Mohan Babu family
Mohan Babu Family

Tollywood Actor Mohan Babu and his wife Nirmala were escape from a danger by an inch. An accident happened at Bangkok seashore, in that they escape from it by an inch said by the Unit people. Special Bikes uses to go fast on sea, when they are going on that due to uncontrolled of that bike they fell in the sea. Their sons Vishnu and Manoj with the help of Unit people who were at the spot rescue their parents.

Presently shooting is going at Bangkok, To do some scenes for their upcoming family flick, all mohan babu family members went to Bangkok. While shooting action scenes on sea water this incident happened. However with this incident shooting was stopped for some time. Vishnu and Manoj said that their parents are safe now, we will be ready for anytime to protect them for any problem they had. From 21 of this month this shooting did at Bangkok. Mohan babu felt very happy about their sons to take care of him.

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